There are times when we feel exhausted and overwhelmed. We don’t seem to have energy anymore, we can feel stressed out and sometimes on the verge of despair. We can’t seem to pull through, we can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we may feel like we are struggling and giving all we have to no avail. We may feel stuck, like all our efforts are not getting us anywhere. We can feel alone and/or misunderstood, different, disconnected from the people around us who seem to be doing just fine and don’t seem to relate to our difficulties! Living in a different country than your own can also amplify all these feelings as isolation can be hard to overcome when away from home in a place where even the most basic interactions and references are different!


This is why I want to offer you a quiet space where I will be committed to building with you a trusting relationship based on consistent listening and support. As we develop this unique space for you, together we will be able to explore the difficulties you are experiencing, at your pace, so that you can understand better what is going on and find a path to a better life, where you will feel empowered and free to express your full potential in all aspects of your life.


The first step towards therapy is often difficult! That’s why I invite you to make a first contact during a free 30-minute session, no strings attached. Seeing me face to face and talking together will help us define better what your needs are and if the services I offer can help you.


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