Trauma can have devastating consequences in our lives and often times we may feel completely powerless over it and at a loss of words to explain our pain and difficulties. It may seem impossible that someone could understand our inner world and we may feel alienated from the world of “normal, healthy people”. We may have spent our life struggling to survive and despite some of our successes, we may always feel that we are on the verge of a disaster and that we are never really safe…Our inner world can be sent into chaos in what seems like insignificant situations and we don’t understand why. We may find ourselves repeatedly in unsatisfying relationships and we can’t figure out how to do something different about it.


Therapy can help you better understand these unique aspects of your experiences and provide you with a safe space where you can experiment and learn how to build your path to a more fulfilling life. More specifically, in therapy we can work together to help you:


Develop your sense of safety

Learn to understand trauma and its consequences (identify anxiety and stress reactions related to past trauma, and its triggers)

Develop stability in your life

Define and set your boundaries

Access and develop inner resources

Reconnect your body and mind, learn to listen and trust yourself


Develop your resilience

Develop strategies to cope with trauma related reactions

Learn to better cope with stress and intense emotions

Learn to regulate emotions

Work on feelings of shame and guilt and develop kindness towards yourself

Feel more empowered to make your own choices

Develop your sense of self and of your own capacities to control your life

Learn how to reframe obstacles into challenges

Come to terms with your losses

Find meaning in your life


Develop healthy relationships

Learn how to develop healthy trust

Learn to identify your needs and be assertive

Learn to identify abusive behaviors and strategies to disengage from abusive situations

Understand dissociation mechanisms related to trauma and learn how to deal with them

Improve your communication

Learn how to stay yourself and grow as a person within a relationship

Develop your sense of safety within a relationship


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