I am a clinical social worker with a Master's degree from the University of Illinois. After working a few years as an addiction counselor in the US I came back to France as it is the country where I grew up. In fact, I am both French and American, raised in a bi-cultural franco-american household, with some influences from Japan where my parents both lived for 8 years, met, got married and had me! Even though I did not live very long in Japan - my parents moved to France when I was one and a half! - my father worked a long time for a Japanese school in Paris and Japan always was part of my life and cultural background.

When I came back to France in 2005 I developed some work experience in the French mental health system. I decided to start my private practice in 2009 as I realized I wanted to work both with French and Expats and put my experience with cultural identity to use in my job!

In my experience, the challenges we face when adapting to a new country and a new culture are very enlightening regarding what comes into play in our interpersonal relationships: we are confronted to the same reality of better understanding and defining who we are to be better able to understand and accept others as who they really are, in their true differences.


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