Cultural identity

When coming to live in a foreign country, one of the challenges that we face and that compounds all the other ones, is facing a culture that is different from our own. Much discomfort, sometimes suffering, can come from the cultural differences that we run into and that challenge our beliefs and ways of being and interacting with people! Common reactions can be to stay with our expat community or breed resentment towards this bizarre country and its people!

Yet, this culture shock can be a real opportunity for growth if we learn how to deal with it and identify what it can teach us. Then, our stay - no matter how long it is- can become a lot more enjoyable and a true stepping stone for our personal development.

If you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by your experience living in France, we can work together to help you better understand how to cope with cultural differences and turn it into a strength instead of an obstacle to your well-being.


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