“There is no beast in man. There is only man in man, and this we have been able to release.”

Carl Rogers, about therapy


What is therapy ? What is it about ? How does it work ? How would it help and benefit my life ? When one thinks about starting a therapy, many legitimate questions can come up.


Psychotherapy is a learning space based on attentive and non-judgmental listening.

In individual psychotherapy work, I strive to offer you a space where you will be able to talk and express yourself without being judged, thus helping you explore what you feel deep down within you. Sometimes, confronting and looking at certain parts in ourselves or certain experiences that hurt us in the past is too scary or too difficult, and part of my job is to provide you with the support that you need to be able to do it.


Any therapeutic work strives to observe and gain a better understanding of our own functioning.

This kind of work teaches us how to identify our resources and our difficulties. There are many approaches to therapy, and they all offer a different angle from which we can analyze our life experiences. Actually, this diversity can sometimes become an obstacle difficult to overcome when someone simply wants to start some therapy work. Where should I go? Which therapy works best? Many questions can then prevent us from knowing where and how to start this type of work!


This work takes place within the relationship that develops with the therapist- the therapeutic relationship.

What is a therapeutic relationship ? What does in entail? There too, one can have many questions…


Here, I will describe my own approach to this work. It’s one approach among many others. Mine is based on the humanistic approach. From this angle, together, we will look at how we can define the goal and means of a therapeutic work, and we will look at the essential role that the therapeutic relationship has in that process. Click here.


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