Psychotherapy and change

Change is inherent in life. We all evolve and change with the experiences that we have as we go through life.


The question is to know whether we are fully satisfied with how we are changing, whether we are growing and feeling fulfilled. If our way of living does not fit or no longer fits our values, our desires and what can make us grow, then a therapeutic work can be of help.


Improving the knowledge of our own functioning can develop our capacity to influence the direction in which we are changing so that it better fits what will foster our growth. Understanding our functioning means being able to identify the obstacles that are laid on our path to personal growth and development so that we can find ways to overcome them and not let them block us in our evolution anymore.


We are all born with a potential and capacities, and we all carry within us the drive to actualize them and develop them. Carl Rogers, a great humanist psychotherapist, founded the person centered approach. He believes that each person has a capacity to self-regulate, guide and control her own life if specific conditions are present. She has the potential to understand what causes anxiety and distress in her life. She has the potential to reorganize herself to not only suppress her distress and anxiety, but also to reach self accomplishment and happiness. He believes that we all carry within us a positive drive to actualize our capacities and develop our potential throughout our lives.


I believe my work as a therapist is to help the person identify and remove the obstacles to this natural positive self-actualizing drive. If a person cannot live her life in a fulfilling way or engages in destructive choices for herself and/or people around her, it suggests that some obstacles are blocking this drive. My work as a therapist is mainly to help the person identify and remove these obstacles so that she can grow more freely. Indeed, once the obstacles are removed, the person's potential and capacities will be able to emerge and lead her in a growing process.



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